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 35 mm Film Cameras

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Specializing in Quality 35 mm Film Cameras for Students and Serious Amateurs, Canon AE-1, Canon AE-1 Program, Nikon FM, Nikkormat, Minolta SRT, Pentax K1000, Olympus OM-1 and more.





If you are going
to send me a camera, please make sure you put something inside to tell me who its from, and what is the problem. Write down your serial number.

Please Include your email address

  Take off all unnecessary accessories, like straps caps, and eyecups.  I do not need your battery, but if you do send it, write it down. I do not need your lens to repair the camera body . If you do send a lens,  you can leave a filter on, just write it down.

 Thank You,
Joe Careta


For people who have a camera that uses 1.35 volt Mercury battery.
Like Minolta SRT, Olympus OM-1, Canon FT, or Canon F-1

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SLR35/Joe Careta

9214 Casa Grande Ave

Englewood FL. 34224

 No Walk Ins, No phone calls, Please use email



 Repairing Cameras for Over 35 Years

Over 13 years on the internet.




 Quality Film Cameras & Repairs

Fast turn around on repairs.
No Charge Estimates


Typical Film Camera Repair


Two days shipping priority mail, two days in house, two days shipping back.

Send me the camera and I will check it out. I then will let you know by email the repair cost.

Once we have agreed on a repair I will send you a paypal request for payment.

Once the paypal goes through it will ship back usually the next day.

 Paypal is the fastest way “almost instant" in most cases. You also can send a check or money order but with a check I will have to hold it for 1 week for it to clear.

Check my Repair Costs on my Camera Repair page or click here.


Discounts for Camera Dealers
Just Email me



I now have completely overhauled Canon AE-1 Bodies, Warranted for 6 Months.

Only $99.00 plus shipping
Just Email me, Joe@slr35.com


Below is for Canon AE-1s, not AE-1 Programs

If you have a broken or non working AE-1, you can send it to me for a complete overhaul for $90.00 plus shipping, or I will  usually buy it for $25.00, and send you back a completely overhauled body with a 6 month warranty for $75.00 plus shipping


For the difference between the Canon AE-1 and the Canon AE-1 Program, click here to go to my used camera page.


My name is Joe Careta and  I have been a camera repairman since 1975, working in Boston MA. Stamford CT. Providence and Warwick R.I. and now in Englewood Florida

 From 1979 to 1992, I was a factory authorized Canon Repairman, with many factory training seminars, working at United Camera in Providence R.I.  From 1992 until 2004, I owned Camera Exchange & Service Center in the airport plaza in Warwick R.I. From 2004 until 2010 I worked out of my house in Exeter RI and now I am working out of my shop in Englewood Florida

 I buy non working cameras.

 Selling, and repairing mostly manual cameras, including Canon AE-1s and Canon AE-1 Programs, Canon AT-1s,  Minolta SRTs, and Pentax K1000 .


Please don't ask for help to repair your own camera: I will not help.

I do not sell camera parts.

I Do Not work on digital cameras

This was my shop in Exeter RI

No-Charge Camera Repair Estimates
6-Month Warranty

I am selling cameras here, on my eBay store, and at trade shows. I will let you know what shows I will be attending.

If you don't see what you are looking for in my Ebay store email me, I have many more not up.

Please check out my eBay store

Right now I have many items in my ebay store


In the past 30 years, I have repaired many different types of cameras, including medium-format and large-format cameras. Now I prefer to work on quality manual 35mm and some medium-format cameras.

I hope you like this site, if you have any suggestions or criticisms, please let me know.

Thank you, Joe Careta






Student Cameras

I repair, and usually have for sale completly overhauled manual film cameras.

Great for photography students.

Canon AE-1

Canon AT-1

Canon AE-1 Program,

Canon A-1,

Pentax K1000

Minolta SRT

Canon FTb

 and more.

 All Fully Guaranteed for
 6 months


Camera Shipping


I would prefer you email me  
@ joe@slr35.com



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