Ship To

SLR35 / Joe Careta
9214 Casa Grande Ave
Englewood, FL 34224

Shipping Instructions

  1. Take off all accessories like straps, caps, eyecup, batteries, and cases. If you want, you can leave a filter on the lens.
  2. Put the camera or lens in a baggie with an elastic band around it to keep out any shipping material from getting into it.
  3. I use bubble wrap. Wrap the piece at least 2 to 3 times around and use elastic around that.
  4. Use a good box, no bigger than need be—6x6x7 for most cameras.
  5. Newspaper on the bottom of the box, camera in the middle and paper on top until it feels tight. The camera should not move when the box is shaken.
  6. Include something in the box that tells me who it is from and what the problem is.
  7. Make note of the serial number of the camera and/or lens.
  8. Tape the box up good and put insurance on the package.