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This is how I ship, and have been doing it a long time with no problems.


  1. Take off all accessories like straps, caps, eyecup, batteries, and cases. If you want you can leave a filter on the lens. Once any of theses accessories come off the camera there is no telling whose it is. Nothing worst than doing a quality repair on someone’s camera and they are upset because they say there was a new battery, or cap on it.

  2. Put the camera or lens in a baggie with an elastic band around it to keep out any shipping material from getting into it.

  3. I use bubble wrap that I get at Staples. Wrap the piece at least 2 to 3 times around and again use elastic around that.

  4. Use a good box, not bigger than need be, 6x6x7 for most cameras.

  5. Newspaper on the bottom of box, camera in the middle and paper on top until it feels tight. Camera should not move when the box is shaken.

  6. Include some thing in the box that tells me who it is from and what is the problem.

  7. Make note of the Serial # of the camera and or lens.

Tape the box up good

   Put insurance on the package




I usually ship Postal USPS

I can also ship UPS


or FEDEX if requested


For people who have a camera that uses a 1.35 Volt Mercury battery.
Like the Minolta SRT, Olympus OM-1, Canon FT, or Canon F-1 or many more


Mercury 1.35 Volt batteries are no longer available in the US, but many are selling a Alkaline so called replacement, which is 1.5 Volts and will change the meter reading up to two stops. The problem with Alkaline is the voltage changes as the battery gets older.

I think the best thing is to buy a MR-9 adaptor sold by C.R.I.S This will last indefinitely and can be exchanged from camera to camera.

Here is a Link to C. R. I. S.




 Email: Joe@slr35.com