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Camera Repairs

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Typical Film Camera Repair

Send it to me for an estimate by email, after that I will send a Paypal request for payment or you can send a check or money order.

Paypal is the fastest way

2-3 days shipping priority mail, 2-3 days in house after estimate, 2-3 days shipping back.




Camera Repairs

Film Camera's only

No Charge Repair Estimates

Repairs Fully Guaranteed For 6 Months

Most quality cameras of this era need to be serviced, either to adjust the shutter speeds or meter, or just general service, clean and lube and adjust. CLA'd



Right now with coronavirus, I am not opening any packages for at least 3 days and most repairs will take around 2 weeks

Repair Pricing

Complete Overhaul

Canon AE-1 = $90.00
Canon AE-1 Program = $100.00

A battery door Adds $20.00, most other parts like viewfinder window or rewind knob or focusing screen will add $15.00 each

Most other parts are included in a complete overhaul.

Canon AT-1 = $95.00

Prices are for camera body only, and do not include shipping.

All other Cameras are Estimate only

All Fully Warranted for 6 months


Canon or Minolta or Pentax 50mm 1.8 or 1.4 with grease on the blades, causing overexposure. $35.00 plus shipping.


Clean and Check=$30.00

A "Clean and Check", is a checking of shutter speeds, meter, flash sync and all operations of the camera. An external cleaning, including mirror and focusing screen "if user serviceable" and replacement of mirror and back door hinge foam. Keep in mind that a "Clean and Check" will not fix any problems. What it will do is tell what problems it has if any. If at that time you decide to get an overhaul you will not be charged for the clean and check.


I am pretty much just repairing Canon Cameras now but there are some exceptions, just ask.


 Prices are for camera body only, and do not include shipping.




A typical complete overhaul includes

Complete disassembly of camera, top, bottom and front, taking out mirror box, cleaning out old lube and dirt, lubricating all moving parts and levers, and shutter curtain rollers. Cleaning of any and all magnets. Cleaning of flash sync contacts. Check  mirror box and front cover. Checking and adjusting of the lens to mirror box focus adjustment. Replacing mirror cushion. Adjusting of curtain travel times and shutter speeds to factory specs, Adjustment of meter assembly and or auto exposure system. I use a Copal/Kyoritsu model EF 511n machine. Checking all wires and battery compartment for corrosion and bad connections. Cleaning of prism, focusing screen and viewfinder window. Lube advance and rewind assembly's. Cleaning bottom and top covers. Replacing mirror box and back door hinge and rail foam. Checking back door and pressure plate. A complete check of every operation of the camera. An external cleaning of the whole camera. There are many other things like adjusting springs and routing wires and more, that are done in the normal course of a disassembly and reassembly of a camera.

Full 6-Month Warranty on the whole camera



Here is a link for my eBay the store.